Romanian SMR project will get 14 million USD from Biden’s

Biden promises $14 million for Romania’s SMR : The US government, partnering with NuScale Power, will fund USD14 million for a FEED study for Romania’s deployment of a first-of-its-kind small modular reactor (SMR) facility as part of a flagship initiative unveiled during the G7 leaders’ conference in Germany.

US President Joe Biden said the USA would mobilise $200 billion in public and private capital over the next five years for the G7’s Partnership for Global Infrastructure and Investment (PGII). The initiative follows an announcement at last year’s G7 summit of plans to develop a values-driven, high-impact, and transparent infrastructure partnership to meet the infrastructure needs of low- and middle-income countries. FEED is a hallmark collaboration project.

Romanian SMR project will get 14 million USD from Biden's

Romanian SMR project will get 14 million USD from Biden’s

Nuclearelectrica and NuScale will work with the US Trade and Development Agency (USTDA) on engineering and design activities, investigations, and technical evaluations of the Doicești site, a former thermal power station identified as a prospective SMR project location. Nuclearelectrica and NuScale will contribute to the USD28 million, 8-month research. It will provide Romania site-specific cost, construction, scheduling, and licencing parameters for a NuScale VOYGR-6 SMR nuclear power station. It will identify Romanian manufacturing, assembly, and service providers.

The SMR project will provide 193 permanent jobs, plus many more in building and production, and help Romania avoid 4 million tonnes of CO2 each year, according to Nuclearelectrica.

“Like the Cernavoda Nuclear [power plant], the first small modular reactors power plant will generate clean energy and strong economic growth for the local community by creating thousands of jobs, investing in infrastructure, growing the chain of local suppliers, and contributing to forming a new generation of specialists through high-quality education,” Nuclearelectronics said.

John Kerry and Klaus Iohannis pledged to install an SMR in Romania in conjunction with NuScale during the 2021 UN Conference on Climate Change in Glasgow (COP26).

Kerry: “Nuclear energy, especially tiny modular reactors, can promote energy security and economic prosperity.” “This is a big step toward Romania’s goal of deploying innovative, safe, zero-emission nuclear energy with the U.S.”

US TDA director Enoh Ebong said the FEED study would build on the agency’s existing commitments to deploy cutting-edge US SMR solutions to the region, including grant funding for a study that helped Romania identify and assess locations where existing coal-fired power plants could be replaced with SMR plants. “Our participation is providing new economic possibilities for US industry and boosting energy security in the area,” he added.

The VOYGR nuclear power station is based on the NuScale Power Module, a pressurised water reactor that combines steam production and heat exchange into a single unit. It is the first SMR design approved by the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission. NuScale provides 12, 4, and 6-module VOYGR plants. Portland, Oregon-based NuScale has announced a strategy transition from product development to product delivery.

Future generations will recognise that we joined together to accelerate technologies to tackle climate change and create energy security,” stated NuScale President and CEO John Hopkins. “NuScale’s cooperation with Romania’s Nuclearelectrica to install our VOYGR-6 SMR power station will generate employment and energy independence, and we applaud theirUS government for its assistance.”

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