Name of the daughter of Christina Booth Washington?

What is the name of the daughter of Christina Booth Washington? The mother of Olympia has been charged with trying to abduct Olympia.

Christina Booth, a native of Washington, was detained in January 2015 and charged with attempted murder after confessing to stabbing her three younger children.

Christina Booth called 911 in the wee hours of January 25, 2015, to say that her infants were shrieking nonstop and pleading for help.

Two Olympia police officers arrived to the Booth residence and saw the 6-month-old twin daughters sobbing and oozing blood on the couch.

One of the several officers walked upstairs and observed a second two-year-old girl resting on a blood-spattered mattress.

Name of the daughter of Christina Booth Washington?
Name of the daughter of Christina Booth Washington?

Booth admitted to wanting to kill both ladies while being detained at the police station so that her downstairs-at-the-time husband could have a good night’s rest.

Do you mean Christina Booth, the Washingtonian?

Mother-of-three With a kitchen knife, Christina Booth murdered her three children in their bedroom because they were making noises.

She was charged with attempted murder in January 2015 after police said she used a kitchen knife to allegedly cut the throats of her kids to keep them quiet for her army spouse.

Authorities claim that she could have been overburdened by the duties of raising her 6-month-old twins and 2-year-old daughter.

Her children are now in the care of a hospital in the Tacoma region while their mother has her latest operation.

According to court documents, Christina Booth’s husband, Thomas Booth, reportedly informed authorities that his wife was being treated for postpartum depression.

He said that he and his buddy had watched a movie at home on Saturday night while enjoying two huge glasses of wine. He described his friend as being so drunk that she was slurring and murmuring.

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Christina Booth is charged with child homicide.

It has been claimed that Christina Booth attempted to murder her three children, however they all lived. According to the police report, when her three little children wouldn’t stop sobbing, the mother tried to cut their throats. She was apprehended and released on a $3 million bail after being thrown in custody.

Thomas Booth, a member of the special forces stationed at Joint Base Lewis-1st McChord, won’t be held accountable for any crimes as a result of his service in Afghanistan.

Thomas immediately saw the neonates blood, but he did not see the toddler’s wounds.

  • Thomas, a Special Forces soldier, said that he stopped the twins’ bleeding while requesting that Christina contact an ambulance.
  • Three kids are the result of Thomas and Christina Booth’s marriage. Check out the family tree below.
  • Christina Booth is a native Washingtonian and the happy mother of three children with her husband Thomas.
  • Christina stabbed her own three children in January 2015 because they had created noise, even though they were happy with their own houses and kids. She received a jail term.
  • Detectives think the mom drank two glasses of wine before the occasion in an effort to keep her kids from crying.
  • Prosecutors said that alcohol had a role in the crime and expressed concern for Booth’s safety as well as the protection of her children.

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